We are able to customize the thermostat upon customer request.

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Strict control automation process and materials. We provide high standard thermostat.

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Chwen-Der was founded and pioneered by Mr. Chwen-Der in Taiwan back in 1979 specializing in various kind of bi-metallic strip thermostats as well as electric motor protectors. According factories were established during 1989 to 2002 in Fujian, Dongguan and Nanjing respectively. Headquarter of Chwen-Der was moved to Hong Kong from Taiwan in 2003. The son of Chwen-Der Hong, Paul w.b. Hong, had become the CEO of the company. In addition, another factory, Dong Guan Chwen-Der Electric Company Ltd., was set up and commenced its operations in the same year. Products of Chwen-Der has been well certified by UL, VDE and CQC for decades. Product such as CD79F was developed in 1990 designed for home appliances and electric motor protection. CD79F has been well-acknowledged by our customers in the industry. Furthermore, another product, CD95F, has been an electric motor protector which was developed in 2006. These products had made Chwen-Der a very popular and reliable manufacturer in the market of electric motor protectors.